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Do anyone really have a clear picture of where DM&A will be in the next 25years?
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Digital marketing and advertising is now the rave at this moment of technological & career development, but does anyone actually a clear picture of where w’ll be in the next 25years?


There are some models that can give an idea of where technology is headed, but these are forecast based on current data and cannot predict other advancements. Check out Moore’s Law for trends in computer processing power, alongside Nielsen’s Law for trends in broadband speeds.

Consider this data in context with increased connectivity and cloud migration/networks where power could be combined.

That’S a starting point for technology – DM is just a very small piece of that enabled by this tech. The strategies and principles of marketing will remain not too dissimilar as human nature is unlikely to evolve so much that we won’t be affected by the same emotion that triggers us to take a journey towards an action.

I would also suggest taking a look at where it was 25 years ago – how was marketing approached? Has DM impacted creative or has it impacted distribution more? There are still seven main arcs to storytelling and from my experience DM has hardly impacted that whatsoever. Please challenge me if you disagree – I’d be interested to hear otherwise.

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thats quite tricky.

DM is always evolving and in 25 years you never can tell it’s future. VR is in the limelight now and it’s doing wonders. I see more products being built.

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